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Once you have made the decision to ship your vehicle (car, caravan, trailer, boat, motorbike, you name it!) you will need to follow a very strict process to get it compliant and registered for Australian roads.

Making sense of customs requirements, import taxes, compliance requirements, Australian Design Rules, Queensland transport is as easy as learning Chinese.

Our turn key service will save you from having to learn a new language. We will do all the leg work which start from when your vehicle is released from Customs until we hand you the keys to your vehicle, ready for you to take it for its first Australian trip.

Note: we are based in Queensland and will register your vehicle in Queensland. If you aren’t moving to Queensland, please contact us for a list of recommended companies like our in other states.

Step 1: 24 hours

We receive your vehicle

Your vehicle will be towed to our workshop.

Step 2: 2-4 days

Compliance Certificate


This is the first step – a compliance certificate is required to apply for an import plate. Our mechanical engineer will assess your car meets the Australian Design Rules

Step 3: 3-10 days

Modification Plate


Once your vehicle has met the Australian Design Rules, we will source your import plates with Niddrie Name Plates Pty Ltd.

Step 4: 2-4 days

Registration certificate


Last but not least, your vehicle now needs to undergo a full safety inspection in order to be registered with Queensland transport. The registration cost includes the compulsory third party insurance.

 Benefits from choosing Bring My Car To Australia

  • It is a family owned and operated business with a combined expertise of 40 years in the automotive industry
  • We are customs-approved certified valuers and know who to talk to and where to go to help you even before the compliance process
  • We make sense of all the different requirements (customs, QLD transport) and explain things to you in plain English!
  • We offer a one stop shop solution bypassing 4 government organisations with a fast turnaround (average 2 weeks)
  • We use trade-only original equipment manufacturers parts (OEM). If you were to go down the DIY route you would have to pay exorbitant prices to source parts from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Our office is in our workshop! We will report to you twice weekly via email with pictures of the different steps being completed on your vehicle.
  • We get the best price for you and take the hassle out of everything: You need to know that once your vehicle hits Australian shores it must go through the compliance and registration process. Failing this, customs will request you ship your vehicle back to your country of origin or scrap it. Many people have been surprised and wished they had used our service instead of trying to navigate the minefield themselves.

I rang customs, Queensland transport and couldn’t get a straight answer with regards to how to calculate the value of my car before shipping it. It was just getting into the too hard basket despite me having got the time to do all the steps.

Kent and Roxy made things so easy for me and saved me hours of wasted time and dollars.